About us

Hodgson Lawyers aspire to be a leader in the legal industry providing quality and affordable legal advice to the community.

We have built our practice by focusing on a tradition of providing our clients with  honest legal representation. Our Goodna office is situated in Gregory Manor, the residence of a former Mayor of Ipswich. Gregory Manor has been a hub for legal services for decades.

We have built on this tradition whilst proving ourselves to be a modern firm committed to our clients.

Open 5 days a week.

We are open during normal business hours.

Feel free to tell us what your legal problem is by completing our feedback form on our website. If we can assist we shall, free of charge, provide you with an indication of what you may need to do, where you can source further legal assistance and if it is something we can help you with, an indication of our costs.

This means that we are better equipped to deal with our clients’ needs including urgent legal matters.

We listen, We care

Hodgson Lawyers is the team that listens to and cares for you. Our passionate and genuine team strives to deliver excellent service and positive results.

We work in accordance with four core practice values: empathy; integrity; teamwork; and dedication.

We believe in access to justice

Hodgson Lawyers believes that access to justice is for everyone. We provide competitive rates and are also a Legal Aid Queensland Preferred Supplier.

Our full range of legal services ensures you, as a valued client, will receive timely and cost effective legal advice.

We believe that being a lawyer is not just about knowing the law; it is also about working collaboratively with you to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Contact us now for more information about how we can help you.